Our bridging loan service is unique. Rather than getting one quote from a Bradford Bridging Loan company, A1 Commercial Finance will find you the right bridging loan at the right price, from every single bridging finance lender that covers the Bradford area.

What most lenders look for when approving a bridging loan

The location is important. Therefore, a Bradford residential home or commercial building has to have a decent re-sale value otherwise the lender will not look to lend because the security (in the way of an asset such as a house or building) has to ensure the lender will get their money back if the deal went wrong.

Bradford bridging loan match service

  • Takes just 50 seconds to apply for a FREE quote
  • Choice of over 90 Bridging Lenders
  • Loans from £25,001 to £5m in Bradford and Leeds
  • Non status loans available which means that income verification isn’t needed
  • Adverse credit is acceptable
  • 90% of all bridging loans complete and payout in just 10 working days
  • All property types considered such as HMO’s, development and commercial useage
  • Most bridging loans are for a maximum of 18 months but some lenders will extend the loan further

Bridging Finance isn’t complicated

Despite some financial advisers saying otherwise, it really isn’t that difficult. It is simply a loan on a property (residential or commercial) that is used to cover a short term need until a longer term financial solution is worked out.

Bridging loans can be used for buying a property at auction or buying another property whilst still living in your own home and are often used to purchase commercial property that will be refurbished and let out.

The vast majority of bridging lenders will lend in Bradford although some lenders will restrict the maximum loan depending on the property value and location and all bridging loan are subject to a satisfactory valuation.

The most competitive rates at bridging loan Bradford

Competitive Interest Rates

That’s right. Despite the fact that we can select from over 90 bridging loan providers, our rates start from just 0.55% a month meaning that we have one of the cheapest bridging loan interest rates in the UK, let alone Bradford.

If you want to apply for a short term property loan, please complete the form on the right hand side of this page and we will get straight back to you.